Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the postal services have been hugely impacted both internationally and domestically. Also, there is a global shortage of raw materials and things just don’t seem to be getting any better with the supply chain.

Ambience by Sarah is a small business with just the two of us and we are working as fast as we can to turn around the orders, in a very stressful environment, wearing masks and socially distancing in line with our government's advice. We are not able to have other people come and help us with the backlog, especially with the current lock down in Victoria. We also do not have someone dedicated to answer every question that you have at the moment, so this means when your order is shipped you will receive a confirmation e-mail. We cannot answer multiple questions regarding where orders currently sit, as we are busy hand making your orders and packing them. The current turnaround time for orders is unpredictable due to the supply issues we have. We do not need pressure from customers asking about their orders, if items are in stock and when items will be back in stock because the answer is we simply DO NOT KNOW. We get dozens of these messages everyday. Not only do we not have the answers, but replying to them takes time away from actually making our products, processing orders and trying to source what we need from alternative suppliers.

We know that many of you are eager to receive your orders and are running out of some of our products, but ask that you please be kind and patient - We are people doing the very best we can to serve you in these very difficult times.

Thank you for your patience

Due to the travel restrictions associated with COVID-19 we are unable to provide the pickup option for order until further notice.

We have added the option for delivery within the Wyndham City Council Area ONLY. All orders outside of this area will require postage. 

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Ambience by Sarah

Hand Crafted Bath Bombs, Shower & Bath Products.

100% Soy Wax Candles & Melts, Essential Oils,

Electric Warmers & Diffusers


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Location: Tarneit, Victoria 3029

Phone: 0456 456 051

Email: contact@ambiencebysarah.com